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Money carries our intention. If we use it with integrity, then it carries integrity forward.
-Lynne Twist

SRI Investment Management Only

While Financial Planning and Investment Management is my flagship service, I now offer a standalone Investment Management service for progressive socially responsible investors.

This service is ideal for you if:

  • We aren't quite the right Financial Planning match, but you want to invest in a socially responsible way. I can help you find a financial planner who will meet your planning needs, and then we can work together to develop your socially responsible investment strategy.
  • You already have a relationship with a financial planner, and want to invest a portion or all of your investments in socially responsible investments.
  • You began your relationship with Lazarus Financial Planning as a Consultation client, and now want to begin investing. 

Fees for SRI Investment Management Only:

Value of Investment Accounts
Annual Fee RateFor Example
$0 - $500,0001.25%Accounts valued at $250,000 will have an annual fee of $250,000 x 1.25% = $3,125
$500,001 - $2,000,0001.00%Accounts valued at $1,250,000 will have an annual fee of $1,250,000 x 1% = $12,500