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Money is not everything, but it affects everything we do – plan well.
-Saundra Davis

Jennifer Lazarus, CFP® Photo

Jennifer Lazarus, CFP®

Fee-only Financial Planner for the Socially Responsible Investor

What I most value about financial planning is getting to know my clients much deeper than the numbers -- hearing what really matters to them and helping them bring that into being.

While many people hire me initially because of the investments, I often hear that the true value lies in all the work we do above and beyond the portfolio. In other words, financial planning is so much more than just managing the money. I help people get organized and take care of all the details of their financial lives: everything from being intentional with where their money is going to reviewing their insurance coverage and helping them get what they need; from discussing how much to put down on their new home to making sure their legal documents reflect their intentions.

As a "financial planner for the socially responsible investor", I work exclusively with people who share my conviction that we can solve social and environmental problems by how we spend, donate, volunteer, and invest our capital. Here again, our conversations are deeper than just whats in the portfolio because there are so many ways to be socially responsible with our money that goes well beyond whats in the brokerage account.

Because the way I work engages people at the level of their values, aspirations, and yes, even their stumbling blocks, I am regularly helping people improve their relationship with money, and their relationships with each other around money.

While the technical side is intellectually engaging and feeds my love of learning, its the human connection, the relationship that strengthens over time, and the chance to really impact someones life that energizes me. At the end of the day, the greatest compliment is to hear: you remind me of who I am and we move forward with that.


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