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Unless we change direction, we will end up where we are going
-Chinese saying

Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • For people in their 20s to 50s 
  • Who seek a financial planner that helps them align their money life with their values
  • Who seek a financial planner to help organize, simplify, and help release stress associated with money
  • Who seek a financial planner who guides both the integrated big picture and the nitty gritty details
  • Who are enthusiastic about socially responsible investments
  • Whose financial means are in line with the current minimum fee of $18,780/year
  • Who are timely communicators +  active participants
  • Who value being proactive and intentional about money issues

Please read about this service, our investment approach + the fee table before contacting us. 

** Note: we work by appointment only. Client meetings are scheduled Monday - Wednesday, 9:00-3:00pm EST **

If you like what you read + all of the above describes you, please complete the form below. We'll be in touch to schedule an introductory phone call to further explore if we're a good match for each other.