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In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.
-Sid Caesar

Financial Planning

Lazarus Financial Planning specializes in the financial planning and investment management needs of socially responsible investors who are in their 20s to late 50s. 

Our work together is very collaborative -- with a mix of discussion, education and strategy -- and results in a cohesive financial strategy, based on what matters to you and continually adjusting to life's changing circumstances.

We address gaps and opportunities in all financial areas -- cash flow, debt, taxes, insurance, education, retirement, estate plans, philanthropy, and investments. We look at your whole picture, help you implement integrated solutions, and continually adapt to life's ever changing needs.

Effective planning integrates your evolving situation so you're always making new decisions having integrated relevant and timely information. My role is to walk alongside you, listening, bringing to your attention new opportunities, avoiding missteps, and offering advice based on what matters most to you.

We review all areas of your financial life:

life values and goals
cash flow

...and talk about areas you don’t anticipate when you initially hire me.