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Have a bias toward action - let's see something happen now.
You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.
-Indira Gandhi

Financial Consultations

Cash Flow Consultations: Better than a Budget 

Designed for anyone who wants an Annual Cash Flow Plan to reflect their priorities and values, and who is ready to make changes and take control of their cash flow.

The initial, 2 hour Cash Flow Consultation addresses these topics:

  • Set up an Annual Spending Plan (aka: budget) for your household
  • Identify cash flow safety nets and ways to make them stronger, if applicable
  • Identify if it makes sense to pay off your debt faster
  • Help you identify how much to keep in cash reserves
  • Discuss methods for updating your Spending Plan + maintaining control of your cash flow

An extended, 3 hour Cash Flow Consultation addresses the above + one of the below topics:

  • Develop a debt elimination strategy for those with a heavy debt load
  • For couples with materially different views on cash flow, where we’re going to need extra time to negotiate a strategy that will work for each of you
  • For self employed people who want to develop a business annual spending plan too, for the ability to pay yourself reliably + for strategic planning purposes


  • Initial two hour consultation: $350
  • Extended three hour consultation: $500
  • Follow-up or Accountability one hour consultation: $175

>>  Schedule an exploratory 15 minute phone call.

Financial Advice Consultations: Beyond the Budget 

Designed for people in their 20s-30s whose lives are fairly straightforward. Their cash flow is working for them and they don't need to discuss an Annual Spending Plan. What's important is to address 'what's next' to stay on the right track financially.

  • Help you identify how much to keep in cash reserves
  • Help you identify how much house you can afford: downpayment, mortgage, etc
  • For people who have built up some cash or have extra monthly savings and are asking: What’s next? Where’s the best place to put it: student debt, mortgage, 529, Roth IRA, 401k, HSA, other?
  • For couples, discuss individual money styes with the goal of outlining a joint strategy going forward
  • Discuss various insurance polices: what issues to consider before meeting with the insurance agent
  • Discuss key estate planning considerations before meeting with the attorney


  • One hour consultation: $250
  • Two hour consultation: $500

>>  Schedule an exploratory 15 minute phone call.

NOTE: neither consultation will address these topics:

  • Financial projections to identify how much you need to save to meet your goals
  • Whether or not you can afford to retire
  • How to replace your paycheck (which accounts to tap into) now that you've retired
  • Investment recommendations

If you're seeking any of these, please consult with another NAPFA planner.