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Have a bias toward action - let's see something happen now.
You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.
-Indira Gandhi

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Consultations: more than a budget 

Do you want to ...

   Pay down debt faster? 

   Stop living paycheck to paycheck? 

   Increase the amount you save? 

   Get on the same page with your partner around cash flow?

   Set up a budget that's truly going to work for you?

   Know what to do with your extra cash or extra savings?


The core Cash Flow Consultation is 2 hours in length and we address these topics:

  • Discuss goals and identify ways to direct financial resources toward highest priorities
  • What's a good amount to keep in cash reserves?
  • Does paying off debt faster make sense?
  • Develop your Annual Spending Plan -- a spreadsheet which is more than a budget -- to reflect your intention + priorities, habits + needs
  • Discuss methods for maintaining control of your cash flow as the year unfolds
  • For couples, discuss individual money styles with the goal of outlining a joint strategy going forward

In these circumstances, it makes sense to add an additional hour (3 hour consultation):

  • For couples with materially different views on cash flow, where we’re going to need extra time to negotiate a strategy that will work for each of you
  • For people with a heavy debt load who want to outline a debt payoff strategy
  • For those who want to identify how much house to buy, including discussing the downpayment and your mortgage options
  • For self employed people who want to develop a business annual spending plan too, for the ability to pay yourself reliably + for strategic planning purposes

In other circumstances, a single 1 hour consultation is most appropriate:

  • For people who have built up some cash or have extra monthly savings and are asking: What’s next? Where’s the best place to put it: student debt, mortgage, 529, Roth IRA, 401k, HSA, other?
  • A follow-up to the core Cash Flow consultation, to fine-tune your plan as you continue to learn how to use it or as your circumstances change

We’ll identify on our initial inquiry phone call how long of a consultation to schedule. The pricing is as follows:

  • One hour consultation: $175
  • Two hour consultation: $350
  • Three hour consultation: $525

You're welcome to share your consultation with another person so you can split the cost. Please know that we may not be as efficient, so we may not be able to cover as much ground in our time together.

While I don't have a special money tree in the backyard, I do regularly hear how much these consultations help people regain control of their cash flow, and in general, help them feel less anxious about their money. It's especially satisfying to hear from people when they've paid off their debt and built up their cash reserves.

[Please note that we do not discuss your investments, whether or not you can afford to retire, or how to replace your paycheck now that you've retired. If you're seeking any of these, please consult with another NAPFA planner.]